Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love becomes Blood

Love is formed and hearts are wasted,
Crushed to pieces and torn apart.
Evil lovers stabbing their back,
Taking what's left of their black heart.

What once was love has turned to ice,
It crossed the line and turned to blood.
Bleeding hearts fill the entire room,
Leaving victims no one to trust.

Sitting alone in the bathroom,
Washing every inch of her skin.
Scraping away all the disgust,
Drowning in all her shame within.

Voices, Voices, Unknown voices,
Screeching and deafening her ears.
Bleeding, Bleeding, Crimson bleeding,
Taking her away to her fears.

That one deadly kiss went to far,
Torturing her body, Mind and soul.
Her bleeding heart lays in a grave,
But no one knows her life he stole

The girl is no more,but he is in
In between the doldrums of agony
scattering himself all around
with a deafening silence for he stood


Prabhu said...

hmmm...don`t hold it, let it take you away...
hope to see more...

peter ivan said...

it definitely showed the pain..
i could feel it...
need to seggregrate your thoughts to a single emotion...