Thursday, July 31, 2008


Poetry and gentle breezes
forever go together,
from a sunny day in May
until the glory of September.
I feel I am a solitary cloud,
floating over hallowed ground;
summer wind and nature's bounty
spin my world around.
In morning's light of day
your poems shine with colour,
the whirlwind of true romance
makes them sparkle like no other.
In the beauty of your face
I admire nature's perfection,
pushed and so inspired am I
to kiss your dear reflection.
So let your bright light shine,
as we wander hills together,
from a sunny day in May
until the glory of September.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Lullubies of a devil

I just need shelter from the rain,
because I was seconds away from telling you...
I let the words escape my lips,
but then i took them back

We run around in circles
and i'm beginning to wonder if i'll ever catch you

I just need shelter from the rain
because I heard your voice and everything changed

You are my shadow that I hide behind
because i'm not strong enough
to show you who I really am

I just need someplace to hide
and i won't stay long...

Just until the rain stops

Seems like there's always some reason
to avoid what's real,
to avoid us,
I always look to you to do
what I cannot
Be who i can't be
I always look to you for shelter
but, yet...

You are the rain.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lullubies of a devil

Lullubies of a devil

Njan enneyariyaathe ninneyarinju...
Nee ninne ariyaathe enneyum...
Pinne njan enneyarinjappol ninneyariyaatheyaayi...
Nee ninneyarinjappol enneyum
Nammal veendum aparichitharaayi...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love becomes Blood

Love is formed and hearts are wasted,
Crushed to pieces and torn apart.
Evil lovers stabbing their back,
Taking what's left of their black heart.

What once was love has turned to ice,
It crossed the line and turned to blood.
Bleeding hearts fill the entire room,
Leaving victims no one to trust.

Sitting alone in the bathroom,
Washing every inch of her skin.
Scraping away all the disgust,
Drowning in all her shame within.

Voices, Voices, Unknown voices,
Screeching and deafening her ears.
Bleeding, Bleeding, Crimson bleeding,
Taking her away to her fears.

That one deadly kiss went to far,
Torturing her body, Mind and soul.
Her bleeding heart lays in a grave,
But no one knows her life he stole

The girl is no more,but he is in
In between the doldrums of agony
scattering himself all around
with a deafening silence for he stood

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The nature of life

Life is a tantalizing ocean; the more you profusely swim in it; the more it envelops your cloudburst of inexplicable agonies; with its enchantingly rhapsodic tanginess,

Life is a ravishing cloud; the more insatiably you float in it; the more it encapsulates your monotonously beleaguered senses; in an entrenchment of mystically voluptuous sensuousness,

Life is a blazing Sun; the more unflinchingly you stare at it; the more it magnanimously bequeaths upon you the tenacity; to surge relentlessly forward towards your philanthropically divine goals,

Life is a tingling dewdrop; the more bountifully you caress it; the more it enshrouds every element of your disastrously dwindling persona; with majestically tranquil compassion,