Friday, August 18, 2006


Lullubies of a devil

I just need shelter from the rain,
because I was seconds away from telling you...
I let the words escape my lips,
but then i took them back

We run around in circles
and i'm beginning to wonder if i'll ever catch you

I just need shelter from the rain
because I heard your voice and everything changed

You are my shadow that I hide behind
because i'm not strong enough
to show you who I really am

I just need someplace to hide
and i won't stay long...

Just until the rain stops

Seems like there's always some reason
to avoid what's real,
to avoid us,
I always look to you to do
what I cannot
Be who i can't be
I always look to you for shelter
but, yet...

You are the rain.

1 comment:

Dhanush said...

eda .. varaam njan ivide .. iniyum.. ippol ithiri therakkundu ... ithu kandirunno ... oru boologaclub undu .. malayalathil ezhuthaam ..